Education Programs

Fulcrum Point New Music Project is dedicated to providing quality education programs. Bringing professional musicians to schools and student-centered organizations, we provide instrument instruction and music programming.


Creating Identity Program

This program empowers students to explore their creativity and build an expression of their identity which are essential to developing positive social and communication skills. Under the guidance of Fulcrum Point teaching artists and in collaboration with a school or organization with a focus on improving children’s lives, students create a body of work, an Identity Box, containing, creative writing, poetry, visual art, and music. This twelve-week program can be collaborative with language arts instructors, visual arts programs, and in-place music programming. They can also be stand-alone opportunities.

Creating Identity culminates in a field trip to engage with professional arts and to whom they showcase their creations. After that experience, students present their work to the public, classmates, parents, and teachers building confidence, talent, and understanding.


Music: rhythm, harmony, melody, texture, structure, integrated
into Audiotool online composing platform

Writing: poetry, journal, essay, critique, short story

Art: sketching, graffiti, watercolor, and collage integrated into a personal Identity Box

Final Performance:

The program culminates in a field trip to a renowned art institution to engage with professional artists and showcase their work; past sites have included the Stony Island Arts Bank and Zhou B Art Center. For their final presentation, the students present their creative writing, art, and music to the public, classmates, parents and teachers.

If you are an educator who is interested in including this program in your curriculum, please contact Michele at for more information. 

Soundtracks & SoundTracks Plus Programs

Sound Tracks/Sound Tracks Plus: These programs are designed to empower students with little or no music education. Students are introduced to global cultures through the exploration of new art music.


Sound Tracks: In this program, students receive six workshops comprised of Lectures, video presentations, and live performances by accomplished Fulcrum Point musicians. It provides concepts, technology, and tools that Fulcrum Point can expand upon with their students and their schools’ existing social studies, language arts, and arts programs.

Sound Tracks Plus: This is an advanced program for students to learn to make music using drums, percussion, and traditional dance and song. The workshops may be incorporated into existing language arts, social studies, and arts programs. At the end of five workshops, students demonstrate their skills through a final performance with Fulcrum Point musicians.


The program is evaluated each year by reviewing pre and post-program quizzes, written essays by the students, comprehensive rubrics provided by the teaching artists, and guidance from our Sound Tracks Advisory Board

Quick Facts:

  • Sound Tracks: 6 in-class visits from Fulcrum Point teaching artists

  • Sound Track Plus: 5 in-class visits and final performance

  • 50 minutes per visit  

To learn more about this unique opportunity, contact Michele at or call 773.753.3005.

Customized Programs

customized programs.png

Fulcrum Point New Music Project is committed to providing quality education programming. We will customize programs to fit the needs of teachers, schools, individuals, and corporate team building. Fulcrum Point is the place for receiving independent instruction for all ages given by the best Chicago area musicians. We will work with you to create the programs to meet your goals.

Contact Michele Cohen at to learn more about the possibilities to enhance lives with FP new music programs.


Thanks to you, our generous supporters, hundreds of students participate in Sound Tracks each year. Our goal is to inspire and mentor more students as we move forward. The lead funders of Sound Tracks are the Farny R. Wurlitzer Foundation & Ingenuity. You can be a part of this unique program. To learn more, contact Michele at or call 773.753.3005.